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Supporting My Candidacy

Updated: Mar 25

I encourage Colorado residents who wish to support my candidacy to share information about my message and platform proposals via social media and letters to the editor. Here is a link to contact information for Colorado media outlets:

Please check each newspaper's submission guidelines before sending letters to the editor. Letters to the editor are commonly limited to no more than 250 words.

I am not spending money for my campaign,and I am not accepting campaign contributions.

The Unity Party itself needs contributions to defray its operational costs:

Candidates usually claim that they are "running to win." I am standing for what I believe in, regardless of the outcome.

I recognize that the political system used in the United States tends to produce a two party system. Alternative parties are politically viable in nations with modern election systems using proportional representation voting methods. I advocate replacing the existing winner-take-all, single member plurality voting system with an open party list system of proportional representation to secure fair representation for a politically diverse population.

I encourage people to act in accordance with their own conscience, whether they choose to participate in electoral politics or not.

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