It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got that Swing!

Unity Party of Colorado, Second Congressional District


Gary Swing's Campaign Message

The Unity Party of Colorado has nominated cultural events promoter Gary Swing as its 2020 candidate for US Representative in Colorado's Second Congressional District.

Gary Swing supports “Unity in Diversity” with a campaign platform of peace, justice, environmental, and electoral reform issues.

The slogan "Unity in Diversity" has been used by a variety of religious and political groups as an expression of harmony and celebration of multiculturalism based on an understanding that our differences enrich human interactions.

As President Nelson Mandela, the leader of post-apartheid South Africa stated: "Bridge the chasm, use tolerance and compassion, be inclusive, not exclusive, build dignity and pride, encourage freedom of expression, to create a civil society for unity and peace."

Gary Swing proposes that each generation should hold its own constitutional convention at least once every twenty years. He advocates an end to US foreign military intervention, the right to self-determination for all people, true cost pricing to include environmental impacts in the prices of new goods and services, and a single payer national health care system.

Gary Swing stated: “Rather than pursuing endless warfare, we should set a goal to eliminate world hunger and make sure that everyone has access to safe drinking water.” He also stated: “Our system of government should be redesigned to be as inclusive and representative as possible, not as exclusionary as possible. I propose to abolish the US Senate, eliminate the Electoral College, strictly limit the power of the President, and decentralize authority in the hands of a Congress that is elected by an open party list system of proportional representation. Everyone should have the right to fair representation.”

Gary Swing for Congress



Gary Swing for Congress, 6000 W. Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80227

(720) 357-4260

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