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Green New Deal Pledge

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I pledge that I will use my office to champion a Green New Deal in any and all ways, including but not limited to: developing and supporting Green New Deal legislation and/or resolutions; building support amongst my colleagues for a Green New Deal; and publicly advocating for the necessity of a Green New Deal.

In order to fully uphold this duty, I pledge to not take contributions over $200 from oil,

gas, and coal industry executives, lobbyists, or PACs and instead prioritize the health of

our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits.” As the Unity Party of Colorado's nominee for US Representative for Colorado's Second Congressional District, I support the Green Party's version of the Green New Deal, which includes full transition to clean energy by 2020. I propose to cut the U.S. military budget by at least 75% and use that revenue to help finance the transition to an environmentally sustainable economy. The Green Party's Green New Deal: Explanation of Jill Stein's Green New Deal proposal:

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